About Us

Indescribe and the Literary Arts

Founded in 2017, Indescribe surveys the literary arts, focusing primarily on book and literary magazine reviews. As one of the only websites online that reviews literary magazines, we pride ourselves in guiding readers to the best short stories and novels of the moment.

We also post pieces of our own short fiction. Our fiction stays brief, straightforward, and fun focused. Although they may carry artistic merit (though unlikely), their primary purpose is to entertain. For this reason, they should be easily digestible, quick, and simple stories.

Our nonfiction covers all topics. After reading one of our nonfiction pieces, you will walk away with quantifiable knowledge that you didn’t have when you started. Whether learning about drinks or the Chinese cultural revolution, our pieces utilize vetted resources to offer insightful takes on the real world. We do not carry memoir style nonfiction at the moment.

For the English majors out there, we also publish academic essays about literature. These pieces go far beyond a book review. They utilize in-depth close-reading practices. Though a bit tougher to wade through, they will also provide exciting takes on literature and the cultures that produced them.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit us! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us here. We hope you enjoy your stay here and that we see you again in the future!

~The Indescribe Team