Moldy Brick Wall

Mold Disclosure

Mold, a fungal microbe that spreads via the air, is present in all homes and currently no standards exist for mold remediation.

The Johnsons knew they had the chance for mold in their home, living on the West coast in a generally humid environment does that. Mrs. Johnson noticed an odd smell sliding from under the door of the upstairs room as she collected the green striped, matching bath towels into a large pile to be brought downstairs for washing.

Opening the door, musk assaulted her nostrils. She registered a strange lump sprawled across the extra-long twin mattress, white fuzz growing on its outer layer, speckled with red splotches that oozed a shimmering oil. It looked like it might be breathing.

Mold can be found almost anywhere and can grow on virtually any substance providing moisture is present. Potential health effects and symptoms associated  with mold exposure include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints.

The Johnsons heard a noise coming from the stairwell, a plodding, sluggish oozing. Mr. Johnson grabbed his wife’s hand. Don’t make a sound. No sudden movements. The towering figure entered the dining room, far larger than either of them expected, an autonomous, gelatinous, spore-ridden, pock-marked, amorphous being, reeking of gym shorts and fermenting fruit. The Johnson’s, tear-ridden, accepted their deaths via a strange conglomeration of suffocation and drowning, but the being slid past them into the kitchen, taking the cold pizza from today’s dinner out of the fridge. Not removing it from the tinfoil, the thing exited without speaking to the Johnsons and returned to its musky cavern.

There is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in an indoor environment.

The Johnsons typed away furiously at their computer. How to remove mold. I have mold in my home what can I do. The results were frightening.

A family in Texas had two separate cases of mold. Instead of eliminating the problem, they made a pact with the odd, pustulus series of growths and hairs. Brains addled by poisionous air no doubt, convinced them, coerced them really, into believing they could coexist, even thrive with the two blob tenant neighbors. They named the disgusting things. They told their friends that Jimmy might play college football because his general musk and ooziness made him untackleable while Stacy’s paintings, a series of spores slapped and pressed onto canvas, were truly breath taking. Their friends, worried for their safety and sanity, called the police who promptly removed them.

Not all types of mold are visible on the surface as mold may exist behind dry wall, in attics, dust works or crawl spaces.

In Idaho, a family recounted a devastating night when their mold broke back into their house after being removed the day before, stealing their jewelry and television to sell for more Sudafed and Robotussin.

There is a probability that mold exists in the next property that you will buy or rent.

The large boil moved from room to room with complete autonomy these days. The Johnsons, giving up any hope of waylaying the abnormality, folded to its demands for exorbitatnt amounts of food. Mrs. Johnson found strange juices in the bathroom. Mr. Johnson wondered if he needed to teach the thing how to shave, its pubic-like follicles had now spread intermittently around its body. He opted, instead, to leave extra deodorant around in the hopes the creature might eat them, nullifying some of its ever-present stench.

The longer mold has a chance to grow, the more it damages what it grows on.

The thing followed them everywhere. It maintained a presence over them like a smog in a valleyed city. They found a sad, uncomfortable balance, but a balance nonetheless. They stopped noticing the smell that followed them everywhere, but they noticed people’s wrinkled noses and looks of disgust. One man, a contractor, told them at least they didn’t have termites. A family in Canada had their financial well-being, as well as their legs, eaten by the nearly six foot tall critters.

Certain strains of mold may cause damage to property and may adversely affect the health of susceptible persons, including allergic reactions that may include skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation. Certain strains of mold may cause infections, particularly in individuals with suppressed immune systems.

Mr. Johnson visited his parents in the town over. His parents noticed his musk immediately, smiling to themselves as they discussed the amorphous presence.

“You know, said Mr. Johnsons’ father, “we had a mold problem thirty or so years ago.”

“Really? What did you do?”

“Nothing much. We didn’t know as much about mold then.”

“People fear mold a lot more than they used to,” chimed in his mother.

“I don’t remember us having mold,” said Mr. Johnson.

“Nobody that age usually does,” said his mother.

They sipped their ice tea.

“You know,” she continued, “a small part of me misses those old smells. You reminded me of them today when you came in.”

Some experts contend that certain strains of mold may cause serious and even life-threatening diseases.

The Johnsons armed themselves with towels, bleach and spray bottles. Without giving the monstrosity any warning, Mr. Johnson kicked through the door, Mrs. Johnson in tow, both spraying bleach everywhere and anywhere they could reach.

The mold shrieked in pain as it shriveled before their eyes, bubbling, fizzing, boiling. They had won.

That night, the Johnsons ate pizza in their kitchen, speaking little. Their home, reeking of bleach, sterilized, empty and echoing, left them little recourse but to sit in a dull quiet as their forks and knives tink tink tinked against their shiny porcelain plates.

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